About Me

I was born in Switzerland. I have always had an interest in music, in particular, the classical guitar. At the age of 16 I travelled to the South of France where I met Manitas de Plata. This started my love of flamenco music.
I am a qualified, Swiss trained toolmaker and gunsmith. Both of these trades have provided me with the essential skills required to produce high quality workmanship. I have always been creative, and enjoy making things by hand and I am also an artist specialising in watercolours.

I moved into making guitars 16 Years ago. Since that time I have made many Flamenco, Classical and some Electro Acoustic Guitars, Harp Guitars and Ukuleles.I have recently received a commission to build a Stradivarius Style Cello and Violin.
I also do a bit of woodturning with some success.

My aim is to make Instruments of high quality, playability and sustain.


Photo- Copyright: Archant Media