Vanuatu Walnut /South Pacific


. Figured Vanuatu Walnut back and sides

. Sides: Vanuatu Walnut 2mm, Cypress 2mm laminated

. 650 mm  Scale length

. Neck: Brazilian Cedar with 2x Ebony strips reinforced

. Italian Spruce (picea abies) AAA Soundboard

. Fretboard: Macassar Ebony

. With at nut: 52mm, 9th fret 60mm

. Body depth increasing from 87mm to 98mm

. Rosette: hand made

. Rubner gold plated Machineheads with Ebony buttons

. French polished

.Preis: £2300.00 incl. hardcase  


In this picture you can see the two Vanuatu Geckos (Lepidodactylus buleli) which are a recent discovery (2008). They are the inspiration for the soundports on this guitar

which direct a portion of the true sound to the player without loss of projection and quality of the sound for the audience and the player.













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